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Fitness Content Studio
Fra Hyperhuman
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Fitness Content Studio

Fra Hyperhuman
Create and add fitness videos on your website
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  • Fitness Content Studio oversigt

        Let our AI automatically transform and categorize your fitness videos into a reusable exercise library
        Create fitness and workout videos with timers, text overlays, and audio guidance in minutes
        Instantly publish your fitness video workouts on your website with just a few clicks
        Onboard your team and collaborate to create new fitness content
    Hyperhuman is the revolutionary way of creating fitness video content at scale using AI. You no longer have to spend countless hours or weeks on the video content production and publishing process. Hyperhuman’s intuitive AI-powered platform reduces this process to mere minutes. In turn, you’re able to provide high-quality video training content to a much larger audience, you’ll have fast content creation and more personalization options, and you’ll grow your clientele and online presence while keeping clients engaged and motivated. It’s super easy to create and publish quality video content: 1. Upload your exercise, educational or promotional videos 2. Our proprietary AI automatically breaks your videos into individual exercise clips 3. Reuse your exercise clips or choose from our 500+ stock videos to create fresh new fitness content in minutes 4. Add this widget to your website, customize it, and publish the video workouts directly on your website Hyperhuman is trusted by hundreds of businesses and thousands of fitness professionals on 3 continents.
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    2 video workouts
    10 video exercises
    1 team member
    Web & mobile creation tools


    50 video workouts
    150 private exercises
    5 team members
    Custom branding & images


    150 video workouts
    500 private exercises
    10 team members
    Custom branding & images
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