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rankingCoach Get Found Online
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rankingCoach Get Found Online

Fra rankingCoach
SEO, Listing & Ads for better Google rankings
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rankingCoach Get Found Online-oversigt

    Track activity, reviews, mentions and more from you and your competitors. Activate Brand Watch and protect your business today 100% for FREE
    Reach the top of Google with an SEO Strategy tailored to your website & get more customers with listings in top directories with only 1-click
    Boost your online presence by fine-tuning your business profile, increasing your ratings & reputation, and engaging with your clients through Social Media
    Boost your site traffic with professional Google Ads campaigns that take minutes to launch (Coming soon)
All-in-one Digital Marketing - SEO, Directory Listings, complete Online Presence, Social Media, Brand Watch, Reputation & Google Ads! rankingCoach helps you elevate your business to the top of Google - no prior knowledge is needed! - Get to the Top of Google: SEO Analysis, rankings, keywords + tips, and tricks tailored to your Wix website - Increase your Local Footprint: Publish your business information in top local directories with one click - Boost your online presence: Fine-tune your business profile & connect and manage your social media accounts in one place (Social Media Management coming soon)! - Reach the best in class: Monitor all your ratings and reviews and stay ahead - Keep your Brand safe: Keep track of reputation and vital information impacting your business - Control your competitors: Be aware of what your competitors are doing - Gain your client's trust: Engage with your clients efficiently in your dashboard - Turbocharge your traffic: High-performing Google Ads campaigns with just a few clicks (Available in a separate app)! rankingCoach - The Award-winning Digital Marketing suite in the Wix App Market.
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rankingCoach FREE-pakke


Brand Watch - 100% FREE!
Track 5 keyword rankings
Mention, reviews & ranking alerts
Competitor activity notifications
rankingCoach SEO-pakke


All Brand Watch Benefits
Track 20 keyword rankings
Google Analytics & Google Business
Customized SEO strategy for your site
rankingCoach SEO+LOCAL-pakke


All Brand Watch + SEO Benefits
Track 35 keyword rankings
Auto listing creation & Publishing
Online Presence & Web reputation
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