fra Web-Stat
Gratis / Premium


Watch visitors on your web site in real-time, and get beautiful traffic reports. For instance:

  • Individual visitors interacting with your site, live
  • Search engines used to find your site
  • Precise time-on-site measurements
  • Page views and bounce rates
  • Equipment used (browsers, OS, screen sizes)
  • Geo-location of each visitor
  • Click-paths, average and individual

Observe each visitor interacting with your site in real-time. Referrer, number of visits, click-path, IP, geo-location, equipment used, etc. Web-Stat is easy to use and easy to understand: We present data that is clear and well organized. You can view it, print it, email it, or download it.


Add Web-Stat to your site in just one click and start observing your visitors in real time immediately!