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Twism: Your Own Coin & Rewards
Fra Twism
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Twism: Your Own Coin & Rewards

Fra Twism
Convert, retain and reward with digital coins
Premium-hjemmeside påkrævet
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  • Twism: Your Own Coin & Rewards oversigt

        Rewards Program: Customers will immediately earn coins in their digital wallet when they make a purchase with you.
        Social Rewards: Get more likes, followers, and shares on social by rewarding customers with coins.
        Referral Program: Reward customers when they invite others to sign up and join your rewards program.
        Welcome Coins: Welcome Coins can be found on your website widget as an instant coupon to encourage visiting shoppers to sign up to your rewards program.
    Create your own digital Coin to increase brand awareness, reward consumers for their loyalty and repeat sales. Customers will earn Coins each time they make a purchase with you and when they’re ready to redeem, apply them to checkout using a payment code generated by the Widget. Imagine people using your branded currency. Every Coin is worth one unit in your local currency (e.g $1 USD, £1 GBP, etc.) so you may effortlessly reward customers anywhere you do business. You have full autonomy when setting your rewards with Twism: the amount of Coins customers receive per purchase, how often Coins are given, and being able to brand your Coin with your logo while customizing widget properties to fit your needs. You can also invite your existing customer base to join your loyalty & rewards program by sending them Coins. Track your performance by accessing meaningful data from your dashboard to better understand your customers’ buying habits. Notes: Twism works with Wix Bookings and Wix Store. Members Area is required. Physical. Digital. Or both. Twism works great for physical businesses too and is POS agnostic (U.S. only)
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